-my interactive VR-world made with CoSpaces
-2 videos of our chainreaction during a Hackaton in Kennismakerij Tilburg
-a video with a part of the Inmoov-robot
-a little MakeyMakeyproject resulting in an interactive wall with animalsounds.

SKVR Mockumentary Media lessons and 360* film at various PS in Rotterdam,
SKVR Product Design (3dmodeling, 3dprinting) at Marnix Gymnasium Rotterdam,
Coderdojo Mentor in Virtual Reality, Scratch MakeyMakey, Micro:bit,
Hackaton at Kennismakerij Tilburg: building the RAPIRO Robot,
DAF Technology Lab where i participated in a VR-experiment,
Digilab MB: where i work as a volunteer assisting, advising visitors with various new software & hardware: 3dprinting, virtual reality, gaming, robotica, etc.
Pictomachine: teaching with the awesome Pictomachine at a PS in Breda,
Hackaton at Kennismakerij Tilburg: attending an Arduino workshop.